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Basin Electric: Live Wire is a blog that features some of the people stories and interesting background information that you can't get anywhere else. This blog was started in 2008 on the Wordpress platform, and moved here in 2021. Please find our archives at You can email editor Tracie Bettenhausen with story ideas.

Recent Posts

Basin Electric gives the gift of connection

The iPads allow patients to see familiar faces and hear voices clearly without hindrance from full protection from head to toe.

Basin Electric, San Miguel Power matching donations help bring documentary films to students

The grant helps bring the films to thousands of students across the country.

Matching cooperative donations provide needed technology for Montana schools during COVID-19 pandemic and beyond

The funds helped purchase 40 Chromebooks for the schools. Along with other donations the schools received, this was enough to provide all students...

Electric co-op family recognized in national contest

The family, members of Whetstone Valley Electric Cooperative of Milbank, South Dakota, placed third in Touchstone Energy’s annual #WhoPowersYou...

PRECorp’s donation to WY food pantries and soup kitchens multiplies, cooperative-style

Basin Electric matched the PRECorp funds, resulting in $35,200 in grant awards to help feed the hungry across five northeast Wyoming counties.