Always have, always will

Environmental protection is a Basin Electric core value. Simply put: our facilities run 24 hours, 7 days a week in the communities where we live, breathe, work, raise our families, and enjoy the great outdoors. We produce power where we live, and we are committed to living in rural America - a vital rural America with sustainable economies fueled by low-cost, regional power.

Basin Electric directors, staff, and members have a stake in ensuring that our water, air, and lands are kept pristine for our children and future generations, while supporting rural America's economies and communities.

We support the spirit of environmental protection laws. Always have, always will.

What it takes

  • Through year-end 2022, Basin Electric has invested more than $2 billion in environmental control technology. 
  • More than $180 million was invested in the operation and maintenance of those controls in 2022.
  • Basin Electric and all subsidiary facilities strive to be 100% environmentally compliant.


Basin Electric was the first utility in the nation to require that strip-mined land be returned to rolling countryside. That requirement was written into Basin Electric's first coal contract long before rules and regulations on mined land reclamation were enacted.

Our concern for the environment has been a guiding principle for many years

Commitment and Compliance

Through 2022, Basin Electric and its subsidiaries have invested more than $2 billion in emissions control technology, and more than $180 million was spent in 2022 alone to operate and maintain those controls.