Maintenance outposts

Basin Electric’s 11 Transmission System Maintenance outposts are located across the cooperative’s service area. These outposts are home to the different trades associated with Transmission System Maintenance such as lineworkers, substation electricians, substation system protection technicians, and telecommunication technicians.

Transmission system maintenance outpost locations


Outpost locations

  • North Dakota
    • Beulah
    • Logan
    • Menoken
    • Williston
  • Wyoming
    • Gillette
    • Wheatland
  • Nebraska
    • Stegall
  • South Dakota
    • Gettysburg
    • Groton
    • Huron
    • Watertown

Basin Electric employs 22 lineworkers to maintain more than 2,500 miles of transmission lines and infrastructure. Lineworkers are divided into three-person crews and assigned to 320 miles of line in a specific area. The crews are based out of seven outposts in four states across the co-op’s service nine-state service area. Each crew is in charge of maintaining and repairing the lines and conductors, assisting with construction projects, taking care of right-of-way gates and crossings, conducting air patrol three times per year, inspecting towers, and conducting vegetation management on that area of line. 

Basin Electric owns substation assets in over 100 locations and maintains substation assets in over 80 locations. Substation crews are responsible to maintain breakers, transformers, disconnect switches, and protective relays.

Basin Electric owns telecommunication assets in over 200 locations. Telecommunication crews are responsible to maintain fiber optics, microwave radios, mobile radios, and multiplexors.