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Linda Binstock, Basin Electric lead inventory analyst, with her Co-op Connections card.

Linda Binstock, Basin Electric lead inventory analyst, with her Co-op Connections card.

Co-op Connections

Discount program connects businesses and cooperatives. Basin Electric invites businesses to join us in an initiative that benefits both your business and our cooperative: the Co-op Connections discount program. The program gives your business the opportunity to reach our cooperative employees by offering discounts that drive traffic to your business. In exchange for your participation, we will promote your business to our employees at no cost. Your business will also receive free local and national advertising.

Basin Electric offers the Co-op Connections program in conjunction with other Touchstone Energy® Cooperatives across the country. The program was developed by Touchstone Energy to help cooperatives deliver more value to members and employees, and to build strong relationships with businesses in our communities.

This program gives your business exposure to Basin Electric’s nearly 2,100 employees in the region, and 34 million-plus cardholders served by our fellow Touchstone Energy cooperatives across the country.

Participation is easy!

Jeremy Woeste
Basin Electric Power Cooperative
1717 East Interstate Avenue
Bismarck ND 58503-0564

We will also send you participation stickers and post your business information and discount details on the website. We will continue to monitor the program’s success and give you the opportunity annually to opt in or out of the program.

Contact Jeremy at Basin Electric with any questions or comments at or 701.557.5746.

 Michael Riedman, Basin Electric program communicators coordinator II.

Michael Riedman, Basin Electric program communicators coordinator II.

Electric Technologies Program

Basin Electric offers the Electric Technologies Program as a service to its member cooperatives. Founded in 1994, the program promotes electric technologies, and energy efficiency and conservation through innovative technologies.

Michael Riedman, Basin Electric's program communications coordinator II, brings the program's booth to about 70 events annually, including cooperative annual meetings; home, and farm and ranch shows; state and county fairs; schools; and other special events by request.

The Electric Technologies Program allows visitors to these venues to experience first-hand efficient technologies that can help them get more value out of their energy dollars. Visitors can also learn how the energy experts at their local electric cooperative can help them make smart energy choices in their homes and businesses.

Requests for the Electric Technologies Program must be directed through Basin Electric's member cooperatives.

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