Montana Limestone Company

Montana Limestone Company, a subsidiary of Dakota Coal Company, operates a limestone quarry 70 miles south of Billings, Montana. The limestone reserves are owned by the Bighorn Limestone Company.

Dakota Coal has certain rights to the limestone reserves mined by Montana Limestone and has invested in operational changes that have improved limestone quality. Dakota Coal Company is a subsidiary of Basin Electric.

In early 2008 Montana Limestone Company purchased 50 percent of the shares of Bighorn Limestone Company from a Minnesota based sugar beet cooperative. Bighorn Limestone Company owns and controls the limestone reserves and the surface above these reserves.

The quarry is recognized as one of the area's leading names in the production of chemical grade limestone. It is an efficient operation that dates back many decades. The quarry was originally developed to provide limestone for use in the local sugar beet industry.

The customer list has grown to include Wyoming Lime Producers, a division of Dakota Coal Company that owns a lime kiln operation near Frannie, WY. The lime produced there is a vital ingredient in removing sulfur dioxide from stack emissions at Basin Electric's coal-based power plants and as an environmental control additive in the Bakken oil field.

Annual sales from Montana Limestone's quarry and fine grind plant average about 750,000 tons.

The fine grind plant produces various sizes of ground limestone. These high-calcium, ground products are available in bags or bulk for industrial, agricultural and mining applications. Chemical grade limestone is provided at a level of +95% calcium carbonate.

The Montana Limestone quarry offers several different sizes of limestone as a chemical grade product and for private and commercial landscaping and road base needs.

Download a Montana Limestone Company product price list (PDF)