What we sell

Basin Electric markets renewable energy certificates through its PrairieWinds® - Energy in Motion Program. To purchase green tags, call your local electric cooperative. 

Security and Response Services

Basin Electric offers a range of alarm monitoring and dispatch services for members and their residential and commercial customers. Security and Response Services allow members 24-hour access to their electric cooperative while taking pressure off cooperative employees. Dispatchers communicate with linemen via push-to-talk radios and cell phones, tracking linemen from the time they leave the shop until the outage has been restored, and they have returned to the co-op.

Contact Chad Reisenauer to learn more. Members can visit the Dispatch and Alarm Monitoring page (password required).

Basin Electric Surplus MarketPlace

Surplus MarketPlace is an auction-like website for surplus equipment and materials from Basin Electric. You may bid on them and pay for them online. You'll need to register on the site before you can bid or buy.

Fly ash and bottom ash

Dakota Coal Company products

Dakota Coal sells lignite, limestone and lime. For information on purchasing any of these products contact Dean Bray at Dakota Coal Company.

Dakota Gasification Company products

Dakota Gas products include natural gas, anhydrous ammonia, ammonium sulfate, carbon dioxide, crude cresylic acid, krypton/xenon gases, liquid nitrogen, naphtha, phenol, tar oil. For information on purchasing any of these products, go to Dakota Gas marketing.

What we buy

We buy material, equipment and services to support Basin Electric and its subsidiaries.

If you plan to make a personal sales call to Basin Electric staff, an appointment is required.

Becoming a supplier

The best way to be evaluated as a potential supplier is to contact the procurement division at and explain your company's capabilities, products and services. Due to the volume of solicitations, Basin Electric may not be able to follow-up on every inquiry or phone call, but we appreciate your interest in becoming a supplier.

Supplier relations

We view suppliers as an extension of our resources by enabling Basin Electric and its subsidiaries to obtain the highest value in the procurement of equipment, materials, and services. We are committed to building a culture of trust with our suppliers and contractors. Basin Electric seeks to always maintain the highest standards of integrity and objectivity in our working relationships.

Conflict of Interest and Ethics

Our employees or agents are expected to avoid conflict, or the appearance of conflict, between personal interests and official responsibilities on behalf of Basin Electric. Owner's directors, employees and agents ("Owner's Personnel") are subject to ethics guidelines which prohibit acceptance of commissions, rebates, payments, kickbacks, lavish or expensive gifts and entertainments, or other things of significant cost or value. Seller agrees that its directors, employees, agents and subcontractors shall not provide any commissions, rebates, payments, kickbacks, lavish or expensive gifts and entertainments, or other things of significant cost or value to Owner's Personnel. Seller shall notify Owner's management of any such violation. Any willful violation may result in the cancellation of current contracts and removal of Seller from Owner's bidders list.

Standards of business conduct

All Basin Electric employees and our suppliers are expected to conduct business in accordance with all applicable laws, ordinances and regulations.

Our employees do not accept, offer or authorize gifts, entertainment, or other favors that are not a reasonable part of a business relationship.

We exercise hospitality with discretion, so as not to jeopardize the integrity of those with whom we do business. Business meals are permitted on a limited, reciprocal basis. Please assist us in adherence to this policy.

Confidential information

We use confidential information only for the business purpose intended. We protect the intellectual property rights, including copyrights, patent, licenses and trademarks, and other proprietary information of Basin Electric and others. We expect our suppliers to do the same.

Supplier visitation

Basin Electric welcomes supplier representative visits. We recognize supplier representatives as a valuable source of information and the source of data for cost/benefit analysis. Supplier representatives are required to make prior appointments and visit Basin Electric and subsidiary employees in accordance with local facility procedures.