marketing and asset management

The Asset Management function evaluates and manages the cooperative's risk related to short-term commodity and asset exposures. In addition, the team manages the power market operations for Basin Electric which include load forecasting, outage coordination, congestion management, and real time market operations.

With a central office able to manage Basin Electric and Dakota Gas' fuel, power, and co-product commodities, the changes in positions and prices for each commodity can be used to mitigate risks and bring new value to the cooperative. The group also provides analytic services to support the transaction activity.

Basin Electric's power and natural gas desks manage the market strategies and exposures for all fuel types including coal, natural gas, wind, waste heat, nuclear, and diesel. The desk also manages the financial hedging for Dakota Gas' natural gas and tar oil exposures and for Basin Electric's natural gas and power exposures.

Basin Electric also has a 24/7 real time desk that manages and markets west side electricity operations for Basin Electric and manages the organized market activities.

Marketing also includes management of the sales of Dakota Gasification's products including Carbon Dioxide, Tar Oil, Naphtha, Phenol, Cresylic, Liquid Nitrogen, and Krypton/Xenon. A partnership with OCI N.V., called N-7 LLC., markets Urea, Anhydrous Ammonia, Ammonium Sulfate, and Diesel Exhaust Fluid.

Link: Marketing and Sales at Dakota Gasification Company