President's Message

Wayne Peltier

Wayne Peltier
Wayne Peltier, Basin Electric president, District 9.

Thank you all for attending this 60th annual meeting. It’s good to get together once again. Through all the challenges of these past couple years, we have found ways to make it work with the technology available to us. But there is nothing like getting together in the same room with our co-op family.

Our employees are family, too, and I want to thank them for their hard work and dedication this last year. Our employees have had to work extra shifts, a lot of overtime, and be flexible with working from home and then coming back to the office. Thanks to our employees for keeping the lights on and products shipping out of the Synfuels Plant this entire time.

Also, thanks to members for supporting our cooperative. We appreciate you traveling here, because you know the importance of relationships and getting together. This is our opportunity, as one big family, to talk about operations and member relations, the energy industry, and the value Basin Electric brings to our service area. Basin Electric is your generation and transmission cooperative… and wouldn’t exist without you.

As a board, we get together every month to talk about what’s going on in our cooperative family. And we make decisions based upon our discussions.

This board is democratically elected. We represent you, our membership. That is special to the co-op world; we are bound to work together to do what is best for Basin Electric as a whole.

For sixty years, this business model has served us well.