President's Message

Wayne Peltier

Wayne Peltier

Basin Electric has its challenges. We have always seen ups and downs, and moments that require tough decisions, and moments that deserve celebration.

At this co-op, we do all of that together. No matter how difficult it can be at times, we need to be proud of our connection and how we prove over and over that we are united.

United to Serve - it’s how we do business.

We come to our boardroom table each month with the membership’s benefit in mind. We have lively discussions every month and we invite all of you to attend our board meetings as you are able.

I’m sure you understand, resolving issues and providing direction can be challenging. But once we make a decision, we leave the boardroom with a unified voice that represents Basin Electric.

Last year, our board meeting structure changed to include committee meetings before convening the board meeting. This process has proven to bring us more detailed information. We believe this helps us make more informed decisions, and enhances your representation on the board.

Some of our toughest discussions this year centered on our workforce. I want to personally thank all of our employees, those who have spent years on our team, and those who were with us a short time. These employees really needed to rally around one another to get through this challenging year. We do not take our decisions lightly, because we know what they can mean for families and careers.

Many of our employees stepped up to take new leadership roles; many more shifted what they do to help fill in to make sure the business kept operating smoothly.

These employees are our foundation - none of the decisions we make can grow legs and go anywhere without the staff to make it happen. And I want to make sure they know how much we appreciate what they do for our cooperative.

I also need to thank the membership for your backing. Basin Electric will get through this stronger and more efficient than we were before.

For our members who are staying for our Member’s-Only Meeting tomorrow, you will see a financial forecast that I know you will be pleased with.

We have gone from needing to build $1 billion worth of infrastructure to serve our growing membership, to entering into more of a maintenance mode today. Our growth continues, and there are bright points on the horizon for us to work toward.

The urea production facility at the Great Plains Synfuels Plant started making urea in January. Though the facility has had its challenges, things are smoothing out. And we are proud to be providing a needed product for the farmers of the Upper Great Plains. We are serving our members at their electric meter, and helping them fill their grain elevator through highly desired fertilizer products.

During today’s meeting, you will hear what are staff is doing to optimize operations to bring electricity to you at the lowest cost possible - all the way from the coal mine, to our power plants, to our marketing floor. You will hear how staff is working to make sure we’re getting the most value for our generation in the market, and serving you with the most reliable energy. And you will see how work in the sphere of Washington D.C. continues, even as regulations appear to loosen for now.

United to Serve is the theme of this year’s annual meeting.

It’s not lip service, but the way cooperatives work. Together and united, we can provide the best, most reliable electricity for our member-owners.

This is your co-op. Basin Electric was built by you, and for you. Basin Electric is all of us. Together, enjoy your annual meeting and thank you for allowing us to serve you.