Keynote Speaker

Rich Karlgaard speaking on stage at Annual Meeting
Rich Karlgaard, keynote speaker.


Rich Karlgaard gave the keynote presentation at Basin Electric’s 60th Annual Meeting. Entrepreneur-turned-Forbes magazine publisher and futurist, television commentator, private investor and board director, Karlgaard is a respected forecaster who offers a unique vantage point on the trends driving the business and investment climates.

He spoke about five business trends that emerged in 2020 as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.

  1. Digital acceleration: unstoppable, shapes everything
  2. Extreme valuation differences create asymmetric warfare
  3. Digital acceleration requires scalable, bulletproof electric power
  4. Rising inflation – but where, why, and how long?
  5. Life after Covid – some changes will be permanent

Karlgaard said, “The global IT market size is expected to grow from $4 to $12 trillion from 2020 to 2030. Because the digital acceleration we’re seeing requires scalable, bulletproof electric power, we can expect to see a heavily electricity-consuming industry by 2030. Access to affordable, scalable, sustainable, bulletproof energy will be a huge advantage in economic terms going forward.”

He also added that, “Five out of the top 10 energy producing states are in Basin’s service territory, and North Dakota is #1 in reliability.”