Director elections, bylaws, and resolutions

Basin Electric directors are elected to three-year terms at Basin Electric Power Cooperative. Directors from three districts were up for reelection at the 2023 annual meeting held Aug. 16 in Bismarck, North Dakota. The Basin Electric board seats directors from 11 Class A membership districts.

re-elected directors:

  • David Meschke, District 2, L&O Power Cooperative
  • Thomas Wagner, District 4, Northwest Iowa Power Cooperative
  • Daniel Gliko, District 6, Central Montana Power Cooperative
  • Paul Baker, District 10, Members 1st Power Cooperative

Other Basin Electric directors:

  • Kermit Pearson, District 1, East River Electric Power Cooperative
  • Troy Presser, District 3, Central Power Electric Cooperative
  • Leo Brekel, District 5, Tri-State G&T Association
  • Mike McQuistion, District 7, Rushmore Electric Power Cooperative
  • Allen Thiessen, District 8, Upper Missouri Power Cooperative
  • Wayne Peltier, District 9
  • Jerry Beck, District 11, Corn Belt Power Cooperative


Basin Electric’s 2023 Bylaw Review Committee met virtually May 25 and at Basin Electric Headquarters in Bismarck, North Dakota, on June 13. The role of the committee, which is made up of one manager and one director from each district, is to review proposed amendments to the bylaws and provide recommendations to the membership.

During the May meeting, members of the committee re-elected Doug Hardy, CEO of Central Montana Electric Power Cooperative, as chairperson. The committee then reviewed an amendment that will further define the parameters of Basin Electric’s rate stabilization fund. The proposed amendment would decrease the amount Basin Electric can hold as deferred revenue from the current $500 million (which was a temporary amount set during the 2022 Annual Meeting) to $415 million and state that such deferred revenues must be used within a period of seven years (decreased from 10 years) after the revenue is initially collected and deposited.

At the June 13 meeting the committee voted to recommend the amendment to the membership.

As required in the bylaws, the proposed amendment was included in the Notice of Annual Meeting, which was mailed July 17. The members voted to approve the proposed amendment at Basin Electric’s Annual Meeting on Aug. 16.


The Basin Electric Resolutions Committee, made up of directors from each of Basin Electric's districts and a Basin Electric board member, had its annual review meeting June 8. The meeting was held virtually.

After re-electing David Sigloh, director from Upper Missouri Power Cooperative, as its chairperson, the committee reviewed the cooperative’s existing resolutions, making small edits and updates.

No new resolutions have been brought forward by the membership thus far. The Resolutions Committee will met again Aug. 15, prior to Basin Electric’s 2023 Annual Meeting of the Membership. Members voted to approve the Resolutions on Aug. 16.