Speakers Bureau

Just ask! A Basin Electric representative will be available to speak on the following topics. If you have a specific topic in mind, we'll tailor our presentation to your needs.

  • Social Media - a helpful public relations tool
  • Energy Security - a balanced approach to affordable, reliable power
  • Regional Haze - Seeing Clearly, Fighting Fairly: EPA's Role In Regulating Clean Air Across States
  • EPA 101 - How EPA regulations relative to fossil fuels generation affects the economy, job market, cost of power, and Basin Electric's present and future generation portfolio
  • General Overview: A speaker will outline the cooperative's resource development plans, committed generation and transmission projects and Basin Electric's strategy regarding climate change.
  • How Electricity is Made: Get a basic tour of a power plant and learn the basics of how the power supply system works.
  • Wind and Renewables: Wind turbines are popping up across the countryside. We'll explain the challenges behind building a wind project, and why it's worth it to Basin Electric.
  • North America - the Perspective: Can low-rank coal survive a carbon constrained world?