Strength and value as a generation and transmission cooperative

As a power supplier, Basin Electric is proud to remain one of the lowest-priced cooperative G&Ts in the region. The cooperative has not seen a rate increase since 2016. In fact, the board of directors decreased rates this past summer, effective Jan. 1, 2023.

Basin Electric's affordable rates are even more impressive when seeing what they include. Unlike other energy providers whose rates may only include energy, Basin Electric's rates include many other essential services that others charge additional fees to provide. 


These services include:


Basin Electric has the capacity needed when member loads grow. The cooperative ensures it has adequate owned or purchased generation resources to ensure the reliability members need.


Basin Electric is in it for the long haul. Investments in power and infrastructure are built to ensure cost-effective, reliable service now and for generations to come. Another benefit is that our investments in flexible resources allow us to take advantage of energy from the market when the cost is low.

Access to market intelligence

Basin Electric staff performs visionary research and development to help the cooperative thrive

Research & development

Innovation and reliability are essential, so employees make research and development a priority. One example of this is the cooperative’s dedication to carbon capture utilization and sequestration.

Economic renewables

Basin Electric does not go “all-in” on one generation resource, and this lowers member risk to cost and supply in the future. Basin Electric takes a responsible approach through a diverse energy supply and growth that manages risks to its members.

Investment in rural communities

Investments are made to the communities in Basin Electric's service area through charitable giving, sponsorships, scholarships, volunteering, and more. 

Provisions to serve growth or decline

Basin Electric is well positioned to support its members whether they’re seeing an increase or decrease in load.

Not subject to take or pay contracts

Some other utilities or contracts require their customers to pay for energy they've committed to whether they use it or not. Basin Electric members pool their resources, which allows more flexibility with power commitments.

Protection from volatility

Diversity of load and location of the membership as well as the diversity of fuel sources within Basin Electric’s portfolio all help to protect members from market volatility.

Shared risks & costs

With shared ownership and equity, risk and cost are split amongst 131 members spanning nine states.

Not-for-profit patronage allocation/bill credits

Members own the cooperative and therefore are entitled to the retirement of previously allocated margins that are undistributed. The board of directors can also vote to utilize bill credits to reduce members' power bills. Both of which have been done twice in the past year.

Financial strength

Basin Electric's strong marks from ratings agencies give the cooperative access to an assortment of financing opportunities.

Member governance & accountability

Basin Electric answers to members, who are the cooperative’s owners. The democratically elected board of directors serves as the cooperative’s ratemaking authority, setting rates for the sales to members.

Ownership & equity

The net margins above expenses and reserves do not belong to Basin Electric; they represent an increase in investment (including infrastructure, power, rates, and operations) for cooperative members that belongs to these consumer-owners.


Basin Electric line crews maintain more than 2,500 miles of transmission lines and infrastructure. Basin Electric is one of the few utilities that supplies electricity on both the Eastern and Western Interconnections. The cooperative fully manages its resources and load on both interconnections. This integration has created a more robust transmission network that helps meet the electrical demand, provide protection from volatility across the region, and efficiently operate a wholesale energy market.

Ancillary services

Basin Electric works with members to provide annual load forecasts to plan for the cooperative as a whole. Government relations staff works with lawmakers, government bodies, and others to advocate for the membership. Communication services are available, including support of annual meetings and tours, advertising partnerships, talking points, social media content, and graphic services. These are just a few of the many services Basin Electric offers its members.