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Be good to the land, it’ll return the favor. It’s a simple idea that Basin Electric has fiercely defended throughout its history.

Basin Electric was the first utility in the nation to require that strip-mined land be returned to rolling countryside. That requirement was written into Basin Electric's first coal contract long before rules and regulations on mined land reclamation were enacted.

Our concern for the environment has been a guiding principle for many years. In the Statement of Ideals and Objectives adopted in 1967, Basin Electric's members held that "a clean and healthy environment which we all need and enjoy must be maintained and that the energy industry must do all that is feasible to minimize the negative impacts on the environment."

In the mid-1960s, Basin Electric proposed model laws to the North Dakota Legislature to protect the air, water and land. We advocated for legislation requiring mined land reclamation and prohibiting dumping fly ash and other industrial wastes into the rivers. Today, Basin Electric continues its tradition of commitment to a clean environment and the communities impacted by energy production.