Basin Electric's Annual Report is written, compiled, and produced by the employees of Basin Electric and its subsidiaries. Browse the report below.

Forging Our Future

Basin Electric’s next five to 10 years will be focused on investment. Strategically investing in critical resources will shape the cooperative’s future, ensuring our members are served with reliable and affordable electricity produced in a safe and environmentally responsible manner.

Building for Reliability

Basin Electric’s ultimate goal and commitment to our membership is that we will do everything we can to keep reliability simple — when you flip the switch, the light comes on.

Adapting to Provide Value

Keeping electricity affordable at the same time as ensuring it is reliable is key to Basin Electric’s mission, even in the face of the tremendous investments necessary over the coming years.

Business Overview and Results

Our financial relationships with our Class A members are defined by wholesale power contracts for the sale of capacity and energy. We employ an all-of-the-above energy strategy to supply our members’ power requirements. 

Member Load Forecasting

Load forecasters understand the broad economic issues facing our members, but it’s members’ local knowledge and expertise that’s critical to informing and guiding the way we analyze their unique systems and predict their needs.

Epicenter of Growth

The rate of growth in western North Dakota is causing a race to a finish line that keeps advancing forward. Continued economic development in western North Dakota is contributing heavily to Basin Electric’s projected load growth.