2024 Basin Electric Resolutions Committee meets

The Basin Electric Resolutions Committee, made up of representatives from each of Basin Electric's districts and a Basin Electric board member, had its first annual review meeting June 6. The meeting was held virtually. 

After re-electing David Sigloh, director from Upper Missouri Power Cooperative, as its chairperson, the committee reviewed the cooperative’s existing resolutions, making small edits and updates. 

At the request of the committee, Basin Electric staff will begin working on a Draft Resolution that would strongly encourage additional discussion, collaboration, and cooperation amongst the members on important issues going forward. 

“We really appreciate the committee’s efforts,” Chris Baumgartner, senior vice president of Member and External Relations, said. “The member resolutions process is just one more important way for members to be engaged in the efforts of their G&T cooperative.” 

The Resolutions Committee will meet again Aug. 13, prior to Basin Electric’s 2024 Annual Meeting of the Membership.

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