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Great Plains Synfuels Plant potential to be largest coal-based carbon capture and storage project to use geologic storage

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Wright-Hennepin Electric Cooperative builds an environmental oasis outside the big city

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Basin's Backyard Garden donates food to local pantries every week

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2021 Basin Electric Resolutions Committee meets

The Basin Electric Resolutions Committee, made up of directors from each of Basin Electric's districts and a Basin Electric board member, had its...

Basin Electric Transmission System Maintenance conducts minimal approach distance study

A minimal approach distance study was done to determine how far a qualified electrical worker needs to be from energized parts.

Sukut receives East River Electric’s highest honor

The Eminent Service Award is given to individuals who have made significant contributions to East River and the cooperative movement

Compressor repairs complete at Great Plains Synfuels Plant

Employees worked around the clock to replace the compressor rotor.

Petals and Panels: A Wright-Hennepin Electric Co-op project

Wright-Hennepin Cooperative Electric Association installed two projects that help their members show their environmental values in a way that works...

September 11: A twist of fate that changed one Basin Electric pilot’s future

Ryan Anderson, aviation manager, was an intern with Basin Electric on September 11, 2001 – the day there were four coordinated terrorist attacks...

Bushings replaced on Laramie River Station transformer

When the transformer's insulating oil was drained, large shards of porcelain glass showed that a bushing had exploded inside the transformer.

Save the date for Basin Electric’s 2021 Annual Meeting

Preparation for Basin Electric's 2021 Annual Meeting is underway.

Induced draft fan replaced at Leland Olds Station

Leland Olds Station unit 2 was short 90 megawatts of power per day for the month of June and July due to an induced draft fan motor failing.

Daring to innovate: 60 years of ambition

A look back at some of the pivotal decisions that made Basin Electric the successful cooperative it is today.

Basin Electric's first female senior vice president ends 40-year career

Diane Paul, Basin Electric senior vice president of Human Resources is retiring after a 40-year career, and looks back on her time with the...

A day in the life of Lead Substation Electrician Adam Malsom

Adam Malsom is one of six people that make up the Huron, South Dakota, Transmission System Maintenance (TSM) outpost.

Basin Electric helps urge Congress to scale carbon management priorities

Basin Electric joined more than 160 labor unions, conservation and environmental groups, and industry organizations from around the nation in a...

Leland Olds Station employees participate in safety training

The confined space and rope rescue training was held at the Great Plains Synfuels Plant.

Throwback Thursday: July 1970

On July 7, 1970, Basin Electric received a $100,000 grant from the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) for a regional program to...

Basin Electric system reaches new summer member billing peak

Basin Electric hit a new all-time high summer billing peak of 4,169 megawatts.

Basin Electric board adopts 2022 rate schedule

More information will be mailed to Class A members in the coming weeks.

Directors approve Basin Electric and subsidiary financial forecasts for 2022-2031

The targeted consolidated margin for Basin Electric and subsidiaries is $70-75 million.

Basin Electric awards scholarships through annual program

Basin Electric recently announced the winners of its annual scholarship program, which awards more than 179 scholarships in the amount of $1,000...

Basin Electric, Bakken Energy reach next step in potential sale of Synfuels Plant

As part of the agreement between Basin Electric and Bakken the Synfuels Plant will continue existing operations through 2025.

Lonesome Creek Station Unit 6 achieves first fire

First fire means natural gas flowed into the gas turbine and was ignited for the first time.

Broadland substation upgrade complete

The upgrades bring the equipment up to current design standards.

Neset to Northshore transmission line will use carbon for reinforcement

The material is stronger, lighter, and doesn’t thermally expand like steel does.

Basin Electric files complaint to request reimbursement after energy emergency

The complaint is seeking a reimbursement of $77 million from Southwest Power Pool.

Great Plains Synfuels Plant hosts FBI agents

The agents toured the visitor’s center and took a driving tour of the facility.