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How We Serve: Resource Planning and Rates

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Longer rail spur means increased efficiency at Dakota Gas

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Basin Electric, members discuss the strength of the cooperative at 2022 Annual Meeting

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How We Serve: Resource Planning and Rates

Resource Planning & Rates is responsible for the management of Basin Electric’s long-term origination and resource planning activities which...

Basin Electric releases first-ever Sustainability Report

The report highlights the cooperative’s dedication to the people in its membership and the communities in which they live, as well as environmental...

Longer rail spur means increased efficiency at Dakota Gas

Due to load demand, Dakota Gas recently expanded its existing rail spur to make way for two additional rail cars.

2022 Annual Meeting full reporting

Find videos of the presentations on our website, and on our YouTube channel, 2022 Annual Meeting playlist.

PRECorp Leases Electric Vehicle As Part Of Moonshot Initiative

Two years ago, the co-op leased an electric Chevy Bolt to help support its “Moonshot” initiative, with the goal of reducing its megawatt hour (MWh)...

Laramie River Station employees make a splash in their community

Employees at Laramie River Station came together to save their community pool from closing down for the rest of the summer.

Basin Electric, members discuss the strength of the cooperative at 2022 Annual Meeting

The meeting focused on the many benefits of being part of Basin Electric’s cooperative family.

Watch LIVE: Basin Electric Annual Meeting 2022

Watch Basin Electric's Annual Meeting live.

Basin Electric Teams Collaborate On Software Upgrade

Upgrading software is no easy thing, and when it comes to Allegro, the Energy Trading and Risk Management solution at Basin Electric, it took 45...

Basin Electric fundraiser gives $138,725 to local charities

Employees raised $138,725 for local charities through the annual Commitment to Community Campaign.

East River Electric Purchases Its First All-Electric Vehicle

East River Electric has been looking into purchasing an electric vehicle (EV) for use as a fleet vehicle for several years.

Basin Electric employees donate 860 lbs. of fresh, local food in 2022

Since 2014, Basin’s Backyard Garden has donated 5,256 lbs. of fresh, mostly local food to local food pantries through the Hunger Free North Dakota...

How We Serve: Government Relations

Employees at Basin Electric understand their role as stewards of service to the members of the cooperative. The “How We Serve” series highlights...

Final Basin's Backyard Garden #Homegrown donation a baker's delight

Angela Magstadt hauled 28.7 pounds of zucchini, apples, an onion, tomatoes, butternut squash, and buttercup squash.

Sparks and Braziel to speak at Basin Electric 2022 Annual Meeting

Sparks works directly with Ian Bremmer, president of Eurasia Group, on various macro political risk projects. Braziel is known for his expertise...

2022 Basin Electric Bylaw Review Committee meets, recommends change to bylaws

Members of the committee elected Doug Hardy, CEO of Central Montana Electric Power Cooperative, as chairperson on Sept. 8. The committee then...

Deer Creek Station reaches safety milestone

The Deer Creek Station team recently reached a safety milestone of 3,500 days without a safety incident, or DART.

Basin's Backyard Garden gains a new grower late in the season

We had one employee make his first donation to Basin’s Backyard Garden this week: banana and chili peppers.

A family tradition: three generations at Dakota Gas

“Sometimes a job can be looked at as just that, but in reality, a job at Dakota Gas has provided for generations for the Carr family, and working...

Former Basin Electric spokesperson honored by Lignite Energy Council

Joan Dietz received the award during LEC's annual meeting on Sept. 28. 

Veggie taxi driver's children join Basin's Backyard Garden delivery

Amanda Dvorak says Heaven's Helpers was making chili when she dropped off the Basin's Backyard Garden donation of fresh, local food.

Eurasia Group representative speaks with Basin Electric board on global energy markets

Raad Alkadiri, managing director of Energy, Climate and Resources for the Eurasia Group, spoke to directors about the Ukraine crisis and its...

Basin Electric and PRECorp donate $10,000 to local organizations

Basin Electric recently partnered with Class C member Powder River Energy Corporation (PRECorp), headquartered in Sundance, Wyoming, on two...

Basin Electric team continually plans for reliable transmission

The Transmission team at Basin Electric were a part of the recent planning effort that resulted in the approval of more than $500 million in...

New employee helps out with Basin's Backyard Garden veggie taxi duties

Today's veggie taxi driver had a couple helpers, including a new team member at Basin Electric. 

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