Wyoming Distributed Generation

Distributed Generation

Type: Peaking

Fuel: Natural Gas

Location: Buffalo, Wright, Gillette, Arvada, WY

Output: 45 megawatts

Power produced at baseload generating plants is often delivered from the plant to points hundreds of miles away from where it is needed.

Often it's more practical to build power plants next to areas where the power is needed. This is called distributed generation. Basin Electric's largest such project is the Wyoming Distributed Generation (WDG) Project in the Powder River Basin of northeast Wyoming.

The WDG Project is a response to the coal-bed methane (CBM) development in northeast Wyoming.

The project, consisting of nine natural gas fired combustion turbine generators, supplies energy and voltage support to Basin Electric's largest member, Powder River Energy Corporation (PRECorp). The generators are remotely operated as needed from Deer Creek Station in Brookings County near Elkton, South Dakota.

Situated among three sites - Hartzog, Arvada and Barber Creek - they each house three 5-megawatt generators. The WDG project has a total capacity of 45 megawatts.

  • Hartzog first synchronized online June 2002
  • Arvada site first synchronized online August 2002
  • Barber Creek first synchronized online September 2002
  • Each CT has a capacity of 5 megawatts (MW), for a total project generating capacity of 45 MW.

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