PrairieWinds 1 and Minot Wind


Type: Renewable

Fuel: Wind

Location: Minot, ND

Output: 122 megawatts

The PrairieWinds 1 and Minot Wind projects, owned and operated by Basin Electric, are located south of Minot, North Dakota.

The projects were owned by a Basin Electric subsidiary, PrairieWinds ND 1, until early 2018 when the subsidiary was merged into Basin Electric.

PrairieWinds 1, which went into operation in late 2009, consists of 77 1.5-MW turbines. It is located directly adjacent to Minot Wind, which consists of two 1.3-MW turbines built in 2002, and three 1.5-MW turbines built in 2009. Power from the turbines flows to Basin Electric's customers through an interconnection with Western Area Power Administration's transmission system.

Watch video of the final turbine being "topped out" at the site in December 2009.

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