Pioneer Generation Station

Pioneer Generation Station

Type: Peaking

Fuel: Natural Gas

Location: Williston, ND

Output: 239 megawatts

Pioneer Generation Station northwest of Williston, ND, was built to serve the increasing demand for electricity by member cooperatives in northwest North Dakota.

Unit 1 started commercial operation in 2013, Unit 2 and Unit 3 started commercial operation in 2014. 

Unit 1 of Pioneer Generation Station features a clutch that allows the turbine to uncouple from the generator, allowing the generator to provide transmission system voltage support. This feature, if needed, is used to provide fast-acting reactive power which will stabilize the transmission system in the area.

Phase III of the station, which started commercial operation in 2017, features first-of-its-kind engines for Basin Electric: 12 natural gas-based reciprocating engines, each with a generating capacity of 9.3 MW.

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