Leland Olds Station

Leland Olds Station

Type: Baseload

Fuel: Coal

Location: Stanton, ND

Output: 669 megawatts

The Leland Olds Station is Basin Electric's first power plant. The station was named for former Federal Power Commission chairman, Leland Olds.

When Leland Olds Station Unit 1 went on-line in 1966, it was the largest lignite-based power plant (222 megawatts) in the Western Hemisphere. Leland Olds Station Unit 2, a 447-megawatt unit located adjacent to Unit 1, began commercial operation in 1975.

When Unit 1 was built, it cost $36 million; Unit 2 construction cost $109 million.

The station is located four miles southeast of Stanton, ND, along the Missouri River. Leland Olds Station is the only power plant in North Dakota that uses a "v-slot" coal unloading system. This v-shaped hopper and enclosure automatically unloads six rail cars at a time. It takes about one hour to unload a 60-car train.

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