Groton Generation Station

Groton Generation Station

Type: Peaking

Fuel: Natural Gas

Location: Groton, SD

Output: 190 megawatts

Groton Generation Station, Basin Electric's first peaking station near Groton, SD, has two generating units. Each 95-megawatt unit is powered by a GE LMS100® simple cycle gas turbine.

The station is fueled by natural gas supplied from Dakota Gasification Company via the Northern Border Pipeline, and is connected to the electrical grid connected via a nearby substation operated by Western Area Power Administration.

Unit 1 went into commercial operation in 2006, and Unit 2 went into commercial operation in 2008.

The station operates as peaking capacity during high market conditions, and is used to meet Basin Electric's power pool obligations. The additional power available from the station assists Basin Electric in meeting its summer peak load obligations.

Groton Generation Station Unit 1 was the first commercial application of the GE LMS100® simple cycle gas turbine. It was also named one of POWER Magazine's Top Plants six model gas-fired plants for 2007.

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