Culbertson Station

Culbertson Station

Type: Peaking

Fuel: Natural Gas

Location: Culbertson, MT

Output: 95 megawatts

Culbertson Generation Station is a natural-gas fueled peaking unit located eight miles northeast of Culbertson, MT. The unit is Basin Electric's first power plant in Montana.

Sited near a compressor station on the Northern Border Pipeline, Culbertson Station uses natural gas from Basin Electric’s subsidiary, Dakota Gasification Company, via the pipeline, to spin its turbine. The peaking station interconnects with an existing 115,000-volt transmission line operated by Western Area Power Administration. 

Basin Electric is using General Electric’s LMS100® simple-cycle gas turbine to provide about 95 megawatts (MW) of peaking capacity to the region. Fuel oil is not planned as a “back-up” fuel, but - if required - the turbine is capable of being modified to use fuel oil at a later date.

An approximately $100 million project, Culbertson Generation Station was built in response to the increasing loads of our member-consumers, including those in the Williston Basin. The unit began commercial operation in 2011.

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