Social responsibility

Basin Electric and its subsidiaries are committed to the communities where our people and members work and live. Those communities have supported us throughout the years by providing a strong workforce, essential services, and a sense of pride.

In appreciation for that support, Basin Electric expresses its cooperative spirit by extending a helping hand to our members and communities by donating time and funds to educational, charitable, fine arts, and medical organizations.

Commitment to community campaign

Commitment to community is part of what being a cooperative is all about. That's why Basin Electric employees take great pride in supporting United Way and other local charities each year through an employee fundraising campaign. In 2023, Basin Electric donated $115,545 through the Commitment to Community Campaign.

Casual for a Cause and Jeans Days

Through its annual Casual for a Cause campaign, Basin Electric employees make a substantial donation to designated local charities. Since the program's inception, more than $250,000 has been raised, benefitting many organizations in the community. Employees make contributions to the cause and are allowed to wear jeans to work each day. Employees also have the option to donate and dress casually on Fridays through the Jeans Day program. 

Basin's Backyard Garden

Basin's Backyard Garden project started off as a garden at Basin Electric's headquarters. It was tended by a group of employee volunteers who worked on their breaks, lunch hours, and after work.

The project has evolved and today Basin's Backyard Garden is "homegrown," meaning employees now bring produce from their own gardens at home to be donated to those in need.

The garden provides a source for charitable giving to local food pantries through the Hunger Free North Dakota programSince its first year of production in 2014, nearly 4,400 pounds of fresh produce has been donated to local food pantries.

Charitable Giving

Jen Holen
Charitable giving coordinator
Phone: 701-223-0441

Sustainability Report

Report sharing Basin Electric's story regarding our leadership in environmental stewardship, renewable generation, and reclamation; leadership in carbon capture; attention to safety and sustainability; putting people and communities first; democratic member control; and more.

Download the Sustainability Report - PDF
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