Basin Electric's core business is providing wholesale generation and transmission of electricity to our member-owners in nine states. We are also the parent company of five subsidiaries.

One that doesn't have its own page is Basin Cooperative Services, a not-for-profit subsidiary of Basin Electric. It acquires supplies, materials, resources, fuel, services, and products for electric plant facilities.

Dakota Gasification Company

Dakota Gasification Company operates the Great Plains Synfuels Plant which produces fertilizers, natural gas, and more. Dakota Gas captures carbon dioxide produced at the plant and transports it through a 205-mile pipeline to Canada.

Dakota Coal company

Dakota Coal Company controls rights to lignite reserves in North Dakota and provides financing for the Freedom Mine north of Beulah, North Dakota. Dakota Coal is also responsible for marketing Freedom Mine lignite production.

Wyoming Lime Producers

Wyoming Lime Producers, a division of Dakota Coal Company, owns the Frannie Lime Plant, a lime manufacturing plant near Frannie, Wyoming.