Member matching program maxes out for second time in history

In 2017, 584 donations were made through the member matching program totaling more than $484,000 to members' communities.

For the second time in the history of the program, Basin Electric’s member matching program maxed its budget.

Fifty-nine co-ops from Basin Electric’s service area participated in the 2017 member matching program, helping distribute more than $484,000 to organizations in their communities.

In total, 584 donations were made last year, according to Jennifer Holen, Basin Electric charitable giving administrator.

“Our goal every year is that our members use this program to the fullest,” Holen said. “It’s rewarding to know that we can help our members make their community projects successful. Our members know their communities best, and we’re proud to be their partner in supporting their communities.”

Each year, one-third of Basin Electric’s charitable giving budget is allocated for member matching donations.

Basin Electric’s board of directors established the co-op’s Charitable Giving Program in 2001 to bring greater support to rural America. Basin Electric had provided charitable donations for decades prior, but the board wanted to do more and make sure the program was managed in an equitable manner. 

The 2018 budget for the member match program went into effect Jan. 1, and members are encouraged to participate in this year’s program.

Detailed information about Basin Electric’s member matching program can be found on Basin Electric’s member site.

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