Basin Electric system reaches new member billing peak for second consecutive month

Basin Electric’s January 2018 monthly member billing peak surpasses the previous peak set in December 2017.

As expected, Basin Electric’s system reached new peak member sale levels in January.

Melissa Schell, Basin Electric member revenue analyst III, said final billing completed for January 2018 shows Basin Electric hit a new all-time high billing peak of 3,929 megawatts (MW).

Schell reported Basin Electric’s January 2018 member peak sale level surpassed the previous all-time high member sale level by about 44 MW. The previous all-time member billing peak of 3,885 MW was set just one month prior, in December 2017.

Dave Raatz, Basin Electric senior vice president of Resource Planning, said the January member peak sale levels surpassed the cooperative’s previous peak due to continued member load growth and extreme cold temperatures across the membership service area.

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