Basin Electric directors, senior staff meet for strategic planning

Additional strategic planning sessions are scheduled for October and November.

The Basin Electric board of directors and senior staff held a strategic planning session Sept. 18-19 in Bismarck, ND.

Paul Sukut, Basin Electric CEO and general manager, said the first day of planning was devoted to Dakota Gasification Company.

“The cooperative has a significant investment in Dakota Gas, and the subsidiary provides numerous benefits to Basin Electric. Shutdown of the Synfuels Plant is not being considered as an economic option at this time,” Sukut said. “We are committed to the continued operation of Dakota Gas, and are taking necessary actions to mitigate losses and avoid a potential write-off of our assets due to extended low commodity prices. We are continuing to consider all options for Dakota Gas, including continued cost reductions, operating efficiencies, and changes to the power contract between Dakota Gas and Basin Electric.”

The second day focused on Basin Electric’s operating efficiencies.

“I have asked senior staff to review their department structure and function to ensure the most efficient operations. We are closely monitoring our staffing levels and as employees have resigned or retired, we have been able to lower our numbers by 44 since December 2016,” Sukut said. “Additionally, continuous improvement teams are reviewing our processes to eliminate inefficiencies and develop plans to implement best practices.”

Additional strategic planning sessions are scheduled for October and November. Preparations are in the works for a session at the Annual Meeting to focus on strategic planning, to share some potential outcomes and next steps.

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