Neset-to-Northshore 230-kV Transmission project

A 230-kilovolt (kV) transmission line is needed due to load growth in northwestern North Dakota.

As electric load continues to develop in the region between Tioga and New Town, the existing transmission network is unable to maintain loading and voltage criteria during contingency events.

The Neset-to-North Shore 230-kV transmission project is required to meet reliability standards and projected electrical demands. The addition of this transmission line will allow continued reliable operation of the transmission system to accommodate additional load growth in the region. The project would provide more reliable service to electric cooperative customers as well as diversify power resources on the larger transmission system.

Southwest Power Pool is the regional transmission organization that administers bulk electric transmission system reliability upgrades and generation interconnections. Basin Electric received a Notification to Construct Approved Reliability Network upgrades notice in June 2020 from Southwest Power Pool. Basin Electric is the designated transmission owner for the upgrade, which includes a new 230-kV substation named North Shore, and an approximate 30-mile long transmission line from the existing Neset substation to the proposed North Shore substation.

Mountrail-Williams Electric Cooperative is the local electric cooperative which depends upon affordable and reliable power from Basin Electric to serve their customers’ power needs.

Construction is schedule to finish in November with energization complete by the end of 2022.

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Brochure (Download PDF)


If you have any questions, concerns, or would like a map showing the line route in your area, please contact:

Nathan Kleyer
Right-of-way lead
Basin Electric Headquarters

Mike Murray
Property and right-of-way manager
Basin Electric Headquarters

Bobby Nasset
Project manager
Basin Electric Headquarters