Green Plains Superior Ethanol, an Iowa Lakes Electric member

man in hard hat smiling
Tod Smith, Green Plains Superior plant manager; the ethanol plant is a member of Basin Electric Class C member Iowa Lakes Electric Cooperative.

Green Plains Superior produces 60 million gallons per year of sustainable, low-carbon biofuel, along with renewable corn oil and wet and dry distillers grains. Production started in 2008 and Green Plains has enjoyed consistent power supply from the co-op with very few disruptions. Green Plains Superior is a member of Basin Electric Class C member Iowa Lakes Electric Cooperative headquartered in Estherville, Iowa.

“This enables the plant to run without worrying about power issues so we can concentrate on production,” says Tod Smith, Green Plains Superior plant manager.

Smith adds that the co-op has responded quickly to any transformer issues and power failures, offered infrared testing of electrical equipment, and displayed excellent communication on anything that might affect plant operations.

Green Plains is an ag-tech innovator transforming its biofuel platform into a biorefinery model, producing more products from an existing renewable resource — corn. The company has 11 biofuel facilities, two of which have fully converted to the biorefinery model, three with biorefinery development underway and the remaining in line for the upgrades, including Superior. Green Plains’ biorefineries produce low-carbon biofuel; value-added protein ingredients for animal diets; and renewable corn oil, a valuable, low-carbon feedstock for biodiesel and renewable diesel production.

Green Plains is also developing a technology to produce clean sugar for use in renewable chemicals, bioplastics, synthetics, and other products.