Basin Electric to build nearly 350 miles of high-voltage transmission line and other facilities needed to maintain reliable electricity

Western North Dakota transmission and substations
Map depicting general location of transmission buildout in western North Dakota.


To maintain reliable electricity and a stable transmission grid, Basin Electric is on track to energize nearly 350 miles of high-voltage transmission line in western North Dakota by the end of 2027. (Editor’s note: This news release has been updated from its original version.)

The Neset-to-Northshore project, which includes a 230-kilovolt (kV) 27-mile-long transmission line and substation called Northshore between New Town and Tioga, will be energized in January 2023. Construction will be completed before the end of the year.

The project is one of five identified and approved by the Southwest Power Pool (SPP) and summarized below. The Neset-to-Northshore project was identified through SPP’s Load Interconnection process and is needed to support load growth specific to the Parshall, North Dakota, area.

SPP identified three projects through its Integrated Transmission Planning (ITP) study. SPP’s ITP study is done annually, and assesses the five- and 10-year reliability, economic, and policy needs of the transmission system. When needs are identified, stakeholders such as Basin Electric submit projects that mitigate the needs in the system. SPP compiles a portfolio of projects that are approved by its board and then assigned to the stakeholders that submitted the projects.

The projects, approved by Basin Electric directors, include:

  • Leland Olds Station-to-Tande 345-kV transmission project, which includes 175-miles of 345-kV transmission line and a new 345/115-kV substation. Pending easement acquisition and permitting, the project goal is to energize in 2025. The line will originate at the Leland Olds Station near Stanton, continue around the east end of Lake Sakakawea, and travel west to the Tande substation near Tioga.

  • Roundup-to-Kummer Ridge 345-kV transmission line, a 35-mile line north of Killdeer is set to be energized in 2025. Final energization date will depend on easement acquisition and permitting.

  • East Fork 345/115-kV substation near Wheelock, which will intersect an existing transmission line and add a new delivery point for Basin Electric Class C member Mountrail-Williams Electric Cooperative, is set to be energized in 2024.

    The fifth project, identified by SPP’s Aggregate Transmission Service process, is required to provide additional transmission capability into Saskatchewan, Canada.

  • Wheelock-to-Saskatchewan and Tande-to-Saskatchewan, 230-kV transmission lines, will connect to SaskPower transmission equipment at the Canadian border. The lines are approximately 50 and 60 miles in length, respectively. Basin Electric is the designated transmission owner for the upgrade in the United States, and SaskPower will complete the circuit within Canada. The project will provide export and import capabilities of up to 650 megawatts of electricity, strengthening the local and regional electric system.
The five projects represent an investment of nearly $725 million in high-voltage transmission infrastructure in western North Dakota.

For the Leland Olds Station-to-Tande and Roundup-to-Kummer Ridge transmission lines, Basin Electric’s right-of-way team is in contact with landowners to determine the preferred routes of the lines. The right-of-way team will begin contacting landowners regarding the Wheelock- and Tande-to-Saskatchewan lines in the coming weeks.

Basin Electric must secure permits and authorizations from federal, state, and local jurisdictions such as counties and townships before construction may begin.