Basin Electric committed to providing reliable power during COVID-19 pandemic

Basin Electric knows that during times of crisis, like the COVID-19 pandemic, reliable energy is essential. The cooperative has an important role to play, ensuring 3 million members across nine states have electricity along with continuing operations at Dakota Gasification Company. Basin Electric is working closely with its members and has plans in place to continue providing sustainable, reliable, and affordable energy as well as quality natural gas, fertilizers, and other products.

With this in mind, Basin Electric’s top priority is the safety and health of its workforce and communities. While the situation changes hour by hour, the cooperative has asked non-critical employees to work from home to minimize exposure. A business continuity plan is in place and employees have the resources required to continue their work.

There are many positions – especially at field facilities, Dakota Gas, and security response services – that aren’t eligible to work from home, as these employees are critical to maintaining Basin Electric operations. The cooperative is also working with union locals and is confident reliable operations will be provided through this pandemic. These arrangements are expected to be short-term, and Basin Electric will continue to monitor guidance from health officials on the need for remote work arrangements.

Additionally, all facility tours have been suspended through May 1, 2020.

“Electricity is more important now than ever. It is essential to keep homes powered and critical facilities such as hospitals, pharmacies, farms, and businesses open and functional so they can provide the vital services and supplies needed to combat this pandemic,” said Paul Sukut, Basin Electric CEO and general manager. “We are committed to keeping the facilities that generate this power up and running, and we have made the necessary provisions to continue providing power for our members and communities.”