Workforce Safety audit provides favorable results

An audit by North Dakota Workforce Safety & Insurance (WSI) of the Great Plains Synfuels Plant was conducted remotely Nov. 30. The audit gauges whether a discount is provided to the Synfuels Plant and Basin Electric’s account with WSI.

WSI is an exclusive, employer financed, no-fault insurance state fund covering workplace injuries and deaths. WSI is the sole provider and administrator of the workers’ compensation system in North Dakota.

“WSI offers Safety Incentive Programs that are designed to assist employers in improving current safety management systems,” said Jeff Graney, Dakota Gas compliance, safety, and industrial hygiene superintendent. “In return, employers get a discount in the yearly premiums that are paid to WSI.”

Basin Electric has only one account with WSI, and subsequently WSI has identified Dakota Gas as the business unit within Basin Electric as the facility that it will evaluate annually. “The results of this annual audit at Dakota Gas determines the discounts that may or may not be provided to our account,” Graney said.

Currently, Dakota Gas is enrolled in two programs with WSI:

Safety Management Program - 10% discount in premium

A WSI safety consultant conducts an assessment based on a set of requirements and develops plans to assist employers in making improvements.
Safety Action Menu - 5% per program up to a maximum 15% discount in premium

This program is designed to provide employers with options that allow them to choose and implement safety improvement programs. Examples include:
Certified Safety Management System
Safety Committee Program
Drug Free Workplace Program
Graney said results from the WSI audit were favorable for continued enrollment in both incentive programs, allowing Dakota Gas and Basin Electric to maintain the 25% premium discount. These savings will add to the $71 million Dakota Gas provides in benefits to Basin Electric and its members annually.

“When we are enrolled in both of these programs, the discounts, which can be combined, result in up to a maximum discount of 25%,” Graney said.