Turbine, generator enclosure for new gas unit arrives at Lonesome Creek Station

After a two-week delay because of the winter storm that reached from its destination in Watford City, North Dakota, to Texas, the turbine and generator enclosure for Lonesome Creek Station’s new sixth unit reached the job site on Saturday, Feb. 20. The generator arrived separately on Feb. 3.

The equipment’s journey started on a ship in Hungary, a voyage that took two months. After the ship reached the Port of Houston (Texas), the turbine and generator enclosure were transferred to two trucks, which travelled 1,800 miles through several different routes and unprecedented storms and winter weather in the southern states before reaching the construction site at Lonesome Creek Station.

The turbine weighs approximately 105,000 pounds and the generator enclosure just under 80,000 pounds. Both were roughly 30 feet long, 14 feet wide, and almost 15 feet tall.

Construction on Lonesome Creek Station Unit 6 began in August 2020 and is scheduled to be commercial in August 2021.

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