Solie presents on Laramie River Station project

Kevin Solie, Basin Electric senior environmental compliance administrator, presented at the USWAG (Utility Solid Waste Activities Group) CCR (Coal Combustion Residual) Workshop virtually on July 1. The workshop’s purpose is to study different methods of treating CCRs and to raise awareness of the different methods used.   

At Basin Electric, Solie manages information pertaining to coal ash material, and is responsible for publishing coal ash information from each of the coal-based power plants on Basin Electric’s website, in accordance with EPA regulations.

Following the Tennessee Valley Authority’s (TVA) Kingston Fossil Plant coal fly ash slurry spill, the EPA proposed regulations to apply to CCRs. Part of Solie’s job is to be sure that each of Basin Electric’s coal-based power plants follows the regulations.

Solie’s presentation, titled “Selection of Groundwater Corrective Action, Laramie River Station,” centered on remediation on one of the ponds at Laramie River Station, a Basin Electric coal-based power plant near Wheatland, Wyoming.

“The method we chose involves the use of proven, reliable groundwater pumping technology,” Solie said. “It’s important to note that no downstream water, well, or residents were impacted.”

Solie presented along with Dennis Connair, principle geologist and vice president at AECOM, the engineering contractor that investigated solutions for the leak.

Repair of the leaking pond will be completed in August, with new wells to remove impacted groundwater expected to be installed in September.