Montana Limestone Company receives safety awards

The Montana Limestone Company quarry operation and fine grind plant received safety awards for 2020. These Certificates of Achievement in Safety are given by the Mine Safety and Health Administration (MSHA) for not having a lost-time accident during the calendar year. Montana Limestone Company is a subsidiary of Dakota Coal Company, a subsidiary of Basin Electric.

“We received these certificates last year. We are currently at 854 days and 886 days respectively without a lost-time accident at Montana Limestone’s fine grind plant and quarry operation. We believe this is due to the commitment to safety by our employees,” says Randy Banning, manager of Montana Limestone Company. 

To be eligible for a Certificate of Achievement in Safety, a mining operation must:

  1. Have reported employment data to MSHA for each calendar quarter in which it was active during the calendar year (Jan. 1 - Dec. 31);
  2. Have not experienced a work injury that resulted in a fatality, permanent disability, days away from work, or days of restricted work activity;
  3. Have a No Days Lost injury incidence rate no greater than the national incidence rate for these same subunits; and
  4. Have accumulated at least 4,000 employee hours during the calendar year.