Member CFO Meeting held May 26

On May 26, Basin Electric’s Financial Services staff held a member CFO meeting with member managers and chief financial officers. During the meeting, staff gave an in-depth review of the 2020 financials of Basin Electric and its subsidiaries.

“It was important to connect with our member managers and CFOs to walk through the financial information with them that was recently made available in the annual report. The meeting also offered a forum for members to ask any questions,” said Steve Johnson, Basin Electric chief financial officer and senior vice president. “We appreciate their time and their interest in attending the meeting.”  

Seventy-two member participants joined the meeting, which was held virtually.

All presentations from the meeting are available to members online at the Basin Members website under the Resources tab and clicking on "Financials" at

To access the Basin Members site, a user account is required. To set up an account, go to and select the link “Sign Up.”

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