Installation of power turbine at Culbertson Generation Station complete

Employees installed Culbertson Generation Station's power turbine in late May.

After eight months of waiting, Culbertson Generation Station's power turbine is installed and helping generate power.

Culbertson Generation Station is one of Basin Electric’s natural gas-based generation units, and is located in Culbertson, Montana.

“We were notified by GE that there were issues with cracks on the stationary portion, or veins, of the power turbines at several facilities, so they recommended we have it inspected,” said Joe Fiedler, Basin Electric manager of distributed generation. “After examining it, we did find some cracks so we sent it in because it was something that couldn’t be done on site. We sent it in September and it was scheduled to be repaired and returned to us in February, but with COVID and the limited availability of materials and personnel during that time it ended up taking eight months instead of five.”

The turbine arrived back at the plant on May 24, and employees spent the next five to six days installing it and conducting tests to ensure it was working properly. By June 2 the unit was back in service and generating power.

“We are running it almost every day now,” Fiedler said. “I’m glad we were able to get it running again in time for our summer loads.”

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