Great Plains Synfuels Plant hosts FBI agents

Four Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) agents from its office in Bismarck, North Dakota, visited the Great Plains Synfuels Plant on June 30. During the visit, the agents met with the plant's security staff to discuss facility security as well as policies regarding foreign national visitors.  

“We have worked with FBI agents for years in properly vetting requests from foreign national visitors,” said Synfuels Plant Safety Coordinator Warren Herman.

Foreign national visitors are restricted to the administration building only after the onsite tour request form is completed and reviewed by the FBI agents assigned to the Synfuels Plant. The FBI looks at background information it can gather before approving the onsite visit.

Herman said a relationship with the FBI agents is important because staff looks to them for additional in-depth information for the visitor requests.

The agents toured the Synfuels Plant visitor’s center and took a driving tour of the facility.

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