Crane operator training, certification held at Menoken TSM

Weight on a crane

Crane training was held at Basin Electric’s Menoken, North Dakota, Transmission System Maintenance (TSM) location the week of April 19. TSM lineworkers, substation electricians, and mechanic operators participated in the training. Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) requires that crane operators be certified by an accrediting body. There are multiple certification options based on the type and capacity of the cranes in use, and each national certification is good for five years. Basin Electric TSM utilizes National Commission for the Certification of Crane Operators as its accrediting organization.

The training and certification consists of three days of classroom theory followed by a written exam and a timed, practical test. The practical test involves multiple tasks including lifting a 2,200-pound test weight through a cone maze as well as carefully lowering the crane’s hook into two different barrels on opposite sides of the crane.

“This training is one of TSM’s costliest, but it is necessary to ensure we have competent crane operators,” said Scott Agnew, Basin Electric’s TSM training coordinator, “Operating a crane requires careful setup, planning, and skill. Employees must understand the weights involved and limitations of their machines as well as how to maintain steady control while lifting material. ”

A total of 11 employees from as far away as Wheatland, Wyoming, traveled to Menoken to attend the training.  

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