Basin Electric’s annual scholarship program awards recipients

Select students in the region are receiving financial support for their 2023-2024 college fund, thanks to Basin Electric Power Cooperative’s scholarship program.

This year, 152 $1,000 scholarships were awarded to dependent children of:

  • Basin Electric and subsidiary employees (25 scholarships)
  • Basin Electric’s member cooperative employees (20 scholarships)
  • Member-system consumers (107 scholarships)

Now in its 32nd year, Basin Electric has awarded 5,610 scholarships worth more than $5.6 million since the program's inception.

Basin Electric’s scholarship program recognizes and encourages academic and community achievements of students in the region. It’s also considered an investment in the economic future of rural areas.

Scholarship winners for Basin Electric and subsidiary employees

The following 25 students are winners of the scholarships awarded to dependent children of Basin Electric and subsidiary employees:

  • Isaac Anderson, son of Ryan (Headquarters) and Staci Anderson
  • Olivia Anderson, daughter of Ryan (Headquarters) and Staci Anderson
  • Brooke Burgard, daughter of Alan (Headquarters) and Lynn Burgard
  • Logan Ching, son of Kristie (Deer Creek Station) and Chris Ching
  • Daxtyn Eslinger, son of DeAnn (Headquarters) and Eric Braun and Donovan (Menoken TSM) and Kristine Eslinger (Headquarters)
  • Timothy Gaab, son of Nicole (Headquarters) and Troy Gaab, Christina Hansen
  • Kade Goebel, son of Kristina Goebel (Dakota Gasification Company)
  • Jacob Goettle, son of Chris (Headquarters) and Kristy Goettle
  • Colten Halvorsen, son of Jason (Wheatland TSM) and Allison Halvorsen (Laramie River Station)
  • Katrina Hellman, daughter of Michele (Headquarters) and Delan Hellman
  • Brett Hoffman, son of Matt (Dakota Gasification Company) and Rebecca Parisien and Chris Hoffman
  • Briska Johnson, daughter of Abon (Gillette TSM) and Heidi Johnson
  • Klel Johnson, son of Abon (Gillette TSM) and Heidi Johnson
  • Ty Johnson, son of Derik Johnson (Menoken TSM) and Nichole Schlosser
  • Adin Jungers, son of Char (Headquarters) and Mike Jungers
  • Kaison Kaylor, son of Jerard (Dakota Gasification Company) and Heidi Kaylor (Dakota Gasification Company)
  • Creed Olson, son of Guy (Dry Fork Station) and Megan Olson
  • Isaac Peterson, son of Colleen (Headquarters) and Eric Peterson
  • Sydney Rogness, daughter of Tim (Dakota Gasification Company) and Corrie Rogness
  • Aliya Selensky, daughter of Tera (Headquarters) and Donovan Selensky
  • Thatcher Solem, son of Dennis (Dakota Gasification Company) and Erica Horning and Scott Solem
  • Emma Vallie, daughter of Jeanelle (Headquarters) and Daniel Vallie
  • Garret Wallender, son of Phil (Dakota Gasification Company) and Jennifer Wallender
  • Mason Wick, son of Angie (Antelope Valley Station) and Aaron Wick
  • Paige Wolf, daughter of Kenneth (Dakota Gasification Company) and Michelle Wolf

Scholarship winners for member cooperative employees

The following 20 students are winners of the scholarships awarded to dependent children of employees who work at a Basin Electric member cooperative.

There were 107 scholarships awarded to dependent children of member-system consumers. See who won these scholarships.