Basin Electric to sponsor teachers to attend 2021 Lignite Energy Council Teacher Seminar

The Lignite Energy Council (LEC) is conducting the 2021 Teacher Seminar, “Energy, Economics and Environment,” at Bismarck State College in Bismarck, North Dakota, June 14-17. Basin Electric will pay for travel costs for teachers from South Dakota, Minnesota, Montana, Wyoming, and Iowa, and LEC will cover the rest.

"Basin Electric encourages member co-ops and statewide organizations to communicate this opportunity to area teachers because it's a great opportunity," said Erin Laverdure, project coordinations representative for Basin Electric. "We would like to get as many educators involved as possible."

This seminar will provide teachers with the information and educational materials they need to teach their students about how lignite is mined and used to produce electricity for homes, farms, and businesses in the Upper Midwest. In addition, the seminar covers lignite’s economic impact on the region, as well as important environmental issues affecting the lignite industry.

Teachers can apply online at

Applications will be accepted until the seminar is full or until May, whichever occurs first. A $60 deposit is required to reserve each teacher’s spot, and can be submitted online. This deposit will be returned when the teacher checks in at the seminar on June 14. This deposit will be forfeited if the teacher cancels after May 1 and the spot is unable to be filled.

Typically, all eligible teachers are accepted. Should applications outnumber the 75 available spots, preference will be given based on the following criteria:

  • 4th-12th grade teachers
  • Science, math, or social studies teachers
  • Career counselors

Teachers must track their mileage and individual meal expenses (up to two each way) from home to the seminar and back. Packets with travel expense reimbursement forms will be given to the teachers at the seminar. Receipts for meals are required.

Kay LaCoe at the Lignite Energy Council can answer questions related to the teachers’ seminar by contacting or 800-932-7117.

Erin Laverdure can answer questions regarding Basin Electric’s sponsorship by contacting or 701-557-5625.

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