Basin Electric system reaches new summer member billing peak

Jen Feigitsch, Basin Electric member revenue specialist III, said final billing determinants completed for July 2021 show Basin Electric hit a new all-time-high summer billing peak of 4,169 megawatts (MW).

Feigitsch reported Basin Electric’s July 2021 member peak sale level surpassed the previous all-time-high summer member sale level by about 318 MW. The previous summer member billing peak was 3,851 MW, set in August 2020.

Feigitsch said the peak is primarily due to hot temperatures across the service area, with an almost universal demand increase across the membership. Also, load growth continues, including the addition of new Class A member, Wyoming Municipal Power Agency.

Basin Electric’s all-time high peak occurred in February 2021 at 4,242 MW.

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