Basin Electric helps urge Congress to scale carbon management priorities

Basin Electric joined more than 160 labor unions, conservation and environmental groups, and industry organizations from around the nation in a letter to congressional leaders urging the inclusion of a comprehensive suite of bipartisan carbon management policies in any larger legislative vehicle.

The letter outlines a portfolio of complementary policy priorities to expand and accelerate carbon capture deployment to reduce emissions, create and retain highly skilled jobs that pay family-sustaining wages and spur investment in domestic energy, industry, and manufacturing.

This suite of policies, all of which have been introduced in strongly supported, broadly bipartisan legislation, include:

  • Providing a direct-pay option for the federal Section 45Q tax credit;
  • Extending the commence construction window for the 45Q credit;
  • Enhancing 45Q credit values for industrial and power plant carbon capture and direct air capture;
  • Eliminating annual carbon capture thresholds that deter innovation;
  • Financing the build-out of regional carbon dioxide transport and storage networks; and
  • Ensuring robust funding for commercial-scale carbon capture pilot projects and demonstration programs.

“We have an opportunity to advance a comprehensive and bipartisan portfolio of policies,” said Dale Niezwaag, Basin Electric vice president of government relations. “Basin Electric is helping call on congressional leaders to include these carbon management provisions in any moving legislative package to advance technologies that will help the electric sector move towards de-carbonization while maintaining reliability and affordability.”