Basin Electric adds equipment to medical services

Basin Electric medical services has added exam rooms and equipment to its Headquarters location. A digital radiography X-ray machine has been installed to allow employee and dependent patients to have X-rays performed in-house.

With an X-ray machine on-site, most patients will not be required to make several visits to multiple doctors or make extra trips for their X-ray appointments.

“Before we added the machine, Basin Electric’s on-site physician, Dr. Tom Kaspari, would write patients an order for an X-ray, and they would be required to get an appointment at one of the hospitals or clinics. They would then need to return to see Dr. Kaspari to go over the results,” said Charlene Jungers, Basin Electric's radiologic technologist. “Now when someone comes in that needs an X-ray, Dr. Kaspari orders it, I do their exam, and then he is able to take a look at the X-rays while the patient is still in house. It’s a big convenience for our patients to have everything done right here.”

Although Dr. Kaspari looks at the X-rays, the results are also sent to a radiologist to get an official reading.

As Basin Electric’s radiologic technologist, Jungers performs most of the X-ray examinations, but Beth Beadle, one of the co-op’s nurses, and Stephanie Hottman, registered nurse and Basin Electric supervisor of medical services, are also able to do X-rays when needed. Jungers is located at Dakota Gas but visits Headquarters every week. For those in the Beulah-Hazen, North Dakota area, Dakota Gas also has an X-ray machine on site.

Medical services is open to employees and insured dependents and retirees. This is a cost-saving benefit to both the cooperative and its employees. 

Charlene Jungers, radiologic technologist, displaying the new x-ray equipment.