EPA deciding on Wyoming Regional Haze settlement

The 30-day window to decide on the settlement started Jan. 30.
Laramie River Station
Laramie River Station, located near Wheatland, WY.

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has until March 1 to decide whether to go forward with settlement of Basin Electric’s lawsuit arising out of the Clean Air Act’s Regional Haze Program for the Laramie River Station in Wheatland, WY.

Basin Electric is the operating agent for Laramie River Station, owned by the Missouri Basin Power Project (MBPP).

The 30-day window started Jan. 30, following the publishing of the settlement in the Federal Register Dec. 30, 2016, and a 30-day public comment period ending Jan. 30, 2017.

If after review of the public comments, EPA continues down the path to settlement, the MBPP will install selective catalytic reduction technology on Laramie River Station Unit 1 by July 2019 and selective non-catalytic reduction units on Units 2 and 3 by December 2018. The MBPP has also agreed to lower emission limits for sulfur dioxide (SO2) emissions from Laramie River Station.