Sustainability a top priority at Basin Electric

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What does it mean to be sustainable? Sustainability is a balance between the environment and those who use its resources. At Basin Electric, sustainability is the commitment we make to our members to meet their needs, while ensuring future generations will thrive. With over 3 million consumer-owners, most of them living in areas with extreme weather conditions, providing reliable and affordable electricity is essential. And because the cooperative cares about current and future generations, it is committed to providing that electricity in an environmentally responsible manner. 

“Basin Electric has a distinguished track record of environmental stewardship, sound corporate governance, and being a good corporate citizen through investments in our communities and teammates,” says Todd Brickhouse, Basin Electric senior vice president and chief financial officer. “A number of our financial and other stakeholders encouraged us to document these accomplishments. At first our institutional humility made us reluctant to tout our own achievements, but as we considered the idea of a sustainability report we realized it was both an appropriate way to celebrate our proud history in these areas and a good business practice to adopt.”   

In response, a team of representatives from several departments across the cooperative began putting together a report to highlight the cooperative’s dedication to the people in its membership and the communities in which they live, as well as environmental stewardship and sound cooperative governance for more than 60 years.  The report conveys Basin Electric’s ongoing commitment to sustainability, and the efforts made to continue to build and improve upon that commitment in an affordable, reliable, and environmentally responsible way. 

To learn more about Basin Electric’s commitment to sustainability, read Basin Electric focuses on sustainability in the Fall 2022 issue of Basin Today.

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