Strength and value as a generation and transmission cooperative

As a power supplier, Basin Electric is proud to remain one of the lowest-priced cooperative G&Ts in the region. The cooperative has not seen a rate increase since 2016. In fact, the board of directors decreased rates this past summer, effective Jan. 1, 2023. 

Basin Electric's affordable rates are even more impressive when seeing what they include. Unlike other energy providers whose rates may only include energy, Basin Electric's rates include many other essential services that others charge additional fees to provide.


These services include:

  • Capacity
  • Energy
  • Access to market intelligence
  • Research & development
  • Economic renewables
  • Investment in rural communities
  • Provisions to serve growth or decline
  • Not subject to take or pay contracts
  • Protection from volatility
  • Shared risks & costs
  • Not-for-profit patronage allocation/bill credits
  • Financial strength
  • Member governance & accountability
  • Ownership & equity
  • Transmission/delivery
  • Ancillary services

To learn more about these services provided by Basin Electric and how they provide them, read Strength and value as a generation and transmission cooperative in the Fall 2022 issue of Basin Today.