Stay Basin! Workload diversity, flexible schedule, and new challenges

Casey Mutzenberger, Basin Electric environmental coordinator.

Basin Electric appreciates its employees and works hard to retain its workforce. The cooperative understands employees, with their combined knowledge, insight, and hard work, are the ones who make the difference. 

Casey Mutzenberger, Basin Electric environmental coordinator, has been part of the Basin Electric family for 10 years. He started working at the Leland Olds Station in 2013 and in 2019 was assigned to Antelope Valley Station as well. “Moving between facilities has brought on new challenges and has allowed me to meet and work with new people,” Mutzenberger says. “I enjoy working with the environmental staff at the plants and headquarters.” 

After earning his bachelor's degree in biology, Mutzenberger worked for the United States Army Corps of Engineers for five years doing research towards his master’s degree in environmental science from the University of North Dakota (UND). He also earned an associate degree in power plant technology from Bismarck State College (BSC). Prior to working at Basin Electric, he worked as an environmental scientist for the North Dakota Department of Environmental Quality

Mutzenberger’s job involves ensuring Leland Olds and Antelope Valley comply with air quality, water quality, and waste management regulations. “I create, revise, and update facility plans and procedures relating to environmental compliance and work with plant managers and supervisors to make sure plant operations and activities are in compliance with state and federal environmental regulations,” he says.

A normal workday consists of routine weekly, monthly, and quarterly environmental reporting. Not so routine workdays could include coordinating with instrument technicians on air monitoring issues, working with coal and yard staff to minimize environmental impacts at landfills, and working with lab technicians on water discharge excursions. “I like the flexibility of my schedule and the diversity of my workload,” he says. 

When the position opened for an environmental coordinator at Basin Electric, Mutzenberger knew he would apply. “I originally applied for the job because of the location,” he says. “My wife and I were interested in moving to our family farm in Zap, North Dakota, and this job made it possible.” He says his job with Basin Electric is ideal because it allows his family to live in the place they dreamed of living, and his work combines his education from UND and BSC. 

In his free time, Mutzenberger enjoys writing and performing music with friends, golfing, listening to Charles Bukowski audiobooks while mowing the lawn, and spending time with his wife and three children, Taylyn (18), Kade (16), and Mia (2 ½). 

Mutzenberger has recommended Basin Electric to several family and friends, a few of which currently work for the cooperative.

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