In Depth: Researcher conducts collaborative soil gas sampling to advance Wyoming CarbonSAFE

“In addition to data from typical days, we’ve already seen the effects of a sudden spring blizzard which added over a foot of snow on top of the soil. That is data we never would have had if we collected soil gas manually.” - Charles Nye

Charles Nye
Charles Nye, a geochemistry research scientist at the University of Wyoming's Center of Economic Geology Research (CEGR).

As part of the environmental field operations, soil sample composition is intended to establish a baseline of the Wyoming CarbonSAFE test site prior to any carbon dioxide injection.  

If you're interested in the Wyoming CarbonSAFE project, you may have already read the story we published on Mar. 30: Wyoming CarbonSAFE scientists conduct soil gas analysis near Dry Fork Station and Dry Fork Mine

The University of Wyoming School of Energy Resources (SER) just published a post that goes into a bit more of the scientific detail.

Read the full story: SER research Charles Nye conducts collaborative soil gas samplng to advance Wyoming CarbonSAFE project


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