How we serve with Montana Limestone Company

Derik Romero, operator at Montana Limestone Company near Warren, Montana.

With less than 20 employees, Montana Limestone Company is a relatively small operation that has a big impact on Basin Electric and its membership. The facility plays a direct role in keeping baseload generation facilities environmentally compliant, helping ensure members continue receiving the reliable electricity they need.

Much of the product produced at Montana Limestone is shipped to Wyoming Lime Producers, a division of Dakota Coal Company that owns a lime kiln operation near Frannie, Wyoming. Limestone is a sedimentary rock that formed millions of years ago, and lime is produced when limestone is subjected to extreme heat, changing calcium carbonate to calcium oxide. The lime produced at Wyoming Lime Producers is a vital ingredient in removing sulfur dioxide from stack emissions at Basin Electric's coal-based power plants and as an environmental control additive in the Bakken oil field. 

Limestone from Montana Limestone is also an environmental control additive in the Bakken oil field and is used for other purposes, like landscaping and road base needs.

To learn more about Montana Limestone Company, different components of their operations, the positive impact they have on Basin Electric's profitability, and to hear from one of their operators, read How we serve with Montana Limestone Company in the Fall 2022 issue of Basin Today.